Travel Tips

This section is for members to let others know of businesses to look for while traveling that cater to individuals with celiac disease. Please send your own positive experiences while traveling to

  • If you travel with Air Canada in business class – you can request a Gluten Free meal. The meals are typically pretty tasty for Airplane food, and always include a protein (usually chicken), salad, fruit and grain. The last time I travelled I had an El Peto multigrain bun (clearly labelled in original packaging). The gluten free meal is clearly identified and the flight attendant mentions that I have a special order so they are aware of how the process works etc.I always have lots of extra food with me as well – but this is usually a treat.
    Submitted by Jenelle Kenway
  • Provinicial Airlines can provide gluten free snacks for travelers with celiac. You have to call the Airline at least 2 weeks in advance to let them know. However, it should be noted that just in case the meal doesn’t get on the flight (which can sometimes happen) you should ensure you have something on you to snack on.
    Submitted by Geralyn Costello
  • I just got back from a work-related conference that was hosted at the Terra Nova Resort/Golf Course. I called in advance to speak with the conference organizer about being celiac and she assured me that they could be ready and knew how to handle it. They had GF bread and muffins in stock, so I had a nice breakfast. They were very accommodating and flexible so you can probably put it on your list for tourists (especially those who golf).
    Submitted by Yolanda Wiersma