Product Info

The following is the most current information we have received directly from the companies regarding the gluten free status of their products.

  • Chris Brothers/Bonté Products
  • Bob’s Red Mill Oats

    Thank you for your email. Our Gluten Free Oats are grown by a coop in Canada in soil that has not had wheat in it or near it in years. They are kept separate from all gluten containing grains thru their harvest, stabilization, transport, and eventual arrival at our mill from grinding and rolling into oatmeal, flour etc. We test every truckload we receive for gluten content, and the oats are processed and handled, ground and or packaged exclusively in our gluten free facility.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Janelle Smith
    Customer Service
    Bob’s Red Mill
  • Dairy Queen

    Information regarding the gluten free status of Dairy Queen products can be found on their website.

  • Danone Yogurt

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Only ‘Activia Fibre’, ‘Activia Fat Free Fibre’ and ‘Silhouette Satisfaction’ lines contain or may contain gluten:

    • Activia Fibre : Red fruits and cereals, Peach and cereals, Strawberry kiwi and cereals, Apple Muesli and nuts
    • Activia Fat Free Fibre : Red fruits and cereals, Apple Muesli, Strawberry kiwi and cereals, Vanilla cereals
    • Silhouette Satisfaction : Red fruits musli and nuts, Blackberry/ Blueberry musli and nuts


    All the other Danone product are gluten and nuts free. Our production plan is certified HACCP (Hasard Analysis Critical Control Point); we do have many control procedures to assure the security of our products for the major allergens. If a major allergen may be found in a product, it would be mentionned at the end of the ingredient list (ex. “contains gluten” or “may contain gluten”). You can be assured of Danone’s consideration for all comments and questions from its customers.

  • Heinz Worchester Sauce Brands

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. As per your inquiry, please be advised that the Heinz Worcestershire Sauce produced and distributed in Canada is indeed gluten free. However, please note that our Lea & Perrins Worcestershire (also distributed in Canada) is not considered gluten free due to the malt vinegar.


    Gina D. Woodside
    Customer Service Coodinator
    Heinz Canada
  • National Importers

    Information on the gluten free status of products distributed by National Importers be found here (.pdf file).